Sublimation Print
on 100 % Cotton White shirt

  • thefERs

    fresh talent. Welcome.
  • fuggart

    cool design but why sublimation? would be way cheaper to screen print and would make the colours way nicer than a sublimation
  • jumpy

    dig it, nice work
  • sawduster

    I see the economic advantage of sublimation for high color on small runs, but you won't get this vivid palette on a cotton shirt, right? The chemistry of sublimation needs a polyester - or 50/50, at least - substrate. Maybe DTG digital printing is a better option?

    EDIT: just reread my reply...not trying to be a debbie downer - love the art!
  • BlackCloud1338

    Yeah if you do Sublimation on 100% polyster the colors are really bright. If the shirt is 50/50 they are a bit dull.

    Awesome Design
  • ziro


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