Approved for upcoming between the buried & me tour.

  • Kyle Crawford

    my god man
  • Tom Philibeck

    So rad.
  • Matt Borchert

    very cool.
  • Keenankoso

    need this
  • cmeyers

    Kyle Crawford said:my god man

    Tom Philibeck said:So rad.

    Matt Borchert said:very cool.

    appreciate it guys
  • Sam Kaufman

    Nailed it
  • cmeyers

    Keenankoso said:need this

    available on tour in february i think

    Sam Kaufman said:Nailed it

    thanks homie
  • sonar

    so awesome man
  • Geoff May

    Very nice
  • cmeyers

    sonar said:so awesome man

    Geoff May said:Very nice

    thank you and thank you
  • Micah

    awesome change of pace to see something like this and the other one on this site
  • campkatie

    gosh I love this. is this a simulated process print or are the colors separated?
  • JeremyRichie


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