An old, classy style type-driven design.

  • dobi

    never seen that before.
  • Jason Carne

    Peachmunkey said:I like it! Come on Dobi...don't be that guy

    Reverse that - don't be "that guy" advocating plagiarism as you are.
  • CasketCo.

    I totally used the The Ever Upward design as reference. It's a really nice concept. Here's why my design isn't plagiarism.

    I created a different typeface than the one used in this design, didn't use any distress, mine's a one-color print with halftones, and it doesn't use the words "Ever Upward," "The Empire State," or "Excelsior."

    Inspired by this design? Yes. Absolutely. Plagiarized? No.

    I appreciate the earnest looking out though.
  • dobi

    uh, you basically did the same design but changed the words / colors. didn't even bother to move the NY / NJ anywhere else.

    lazy uninspired knockoff at best.
  • CasketCo.

    Okay. Thanks for your input, Dobi.

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