so, for the past year or so i've been designing tees for Thick As Thieves Fight Co. and a couple weeks ago, they asked me if i wanted to design the signature tee for Travis "The Terror" Clark (and MMA fighter) and of course i said yes. Jeremiah from Thick As Thieves asked me if i had any idea terror-related for the tee, so me (that i have like an obsession with fake movie posters) playing the fool, i was like "maybe, a fake-serie-b-terror movie-like illustration could work" and they liked the idea. it was the kind of tee that i could do for free, just for the fun of drawing it. i was so happy with having the chance to draw it that the fact that it was a 4-color limit design didn't even bothered me.
i know it's probably not a crazy-ass tee but i'm so happy i was asked to work on it, i seriously think it's one of the best designs i've done so far. i had a blast working on it!

except for the bottom font and the small credit font, the rest where hand-drawn. 4 colors on a dark grey tee.
they decided to go with the green/red version.

hope you like it!

here are a couple pics of the front/back and a close-up:

  • Silky49

  • papercrane

  • seedsickshit

    this is awesome, horror vintage illustration love it
  • JO3L

    Silky49 said:Yes!

    papercrane said:love!

    seedsickshit said:this is awesome, horror vintage illustration love it

    thanks guys!
  • OpeyBobo

    This is so awesome that it is for an MMA walk out design!
  • OpeyBobo

    And the design is really freaking awesome. haha
  • svbeno

    love it

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