Metal monsters THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER recently commissioned me to create a shirt design for them. Their only directive was to have some guy being dunked in acid, and you just can't beat a jumping-off point like that! Very fun to work on.

  • sonar

    this is great but you gotta make your detail shots smaller man
  • olinokus

    Wow, amazing work !!
  • moderndeath

  • Erchu

  • 8-bit ZOMBIE

    sonar said:this is great but you gotta make your detail shots smaller man

    I agree on both counts! Amazing work! But yeah, this is gonna get snatched up by rippers in a heartbeat. I'd take down that huge preview asap.

    damn great!!
  • E+N

  • bleet

    E+N said:master!
  • Greenway

    killer work!!
  • gorgome

    Greenway said:killer work!!

  • tidyink

  • cityhall

  • NVasion

    impressive, you really captured that moment perfectly. I can almost hear that guy screaming.
  • oblivion^

    great colour , detail!!
  • popmonkey

    Thanks, everybody. I've reduced the size of the preview image.

    Awesome! Somehow reminds me of Municipal Waste - don't know why :) But I love it.
  • seventhfury

    So KILLER. My favorite piece of yours yet!
  • bob_mosquito

    Killer! You're a beast, Pop!
  • Cutty.

    so good
  • uglybetsy

    bob_mosquito said:Killer! You're a beast, Pop!
  • Dnrdesign

    Very good work!
  • RectopusArt

    bob_mosquito said:Killer! You're a beast, Pop!
  • derekdeal

    chock full o skills!
  • adnanueupe

    Dnrdesign said:Very good work!
  • vinbasshred

    hell yes
  • DART

    like the colors
  • Aljon

    awesome man! love everything in it!
  • Yeti Bite

    Killer tee, I'm actually the dude photographed in the tee over at Jared's work slays!
  • jamesWright

    oblivion^ said:great colour , detail!!
  • GW_X

  • yuchanstudio


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