So did that site just get completely abandoned? I notice it's still out of action. Shame as I don't think the owners realised how many industry people were using it to scout...

  • bsteczdesigns

    I contacted the site a few months ago asking about this and told them about how people enjoyed the site, how I got a larger gig via there and that others still filter through for designers, etc. They said the login issues began when they transferred servers (or something to that extent, can't remember as I'm going off the top of my head) and that they plan on fixing that, it's just on the back burner and not a priority. It is a shame though as I don't have a good representation of my current designs on the site, and it just has a few of my really old pieces that I can't update.
  • dbdesign

    Bandjob was a great community for awhile.
    Even though I try to stay away from band work now, I would definitely love to see it get back up and running strong again.
  • jared

    Anyone interested in some community/web site chat about this kind of thing should check out this thread:

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