Will post my rubbish attempt using a cheese knife tomorrow.

Go on get yerr pumpkin out!
  • Napalm Tree

    Charlie Brown. Took me forever and didn't turn out the greatest, but it was fun.

  • Colemadethis

  • Obscure

    Not lit it up yet as we don't have any candle haha, it is my logo's retarded cousin vinny.

  • Demented

    My first pumpkin ever:
  • Obscure

    Demented said:My first pumpkin ever:

    Haha that is sick! I feel embarrassed my girlfriend did her first pumpkin last night of Jack skeleton and hers is better than mine:)
  • PitchGrim

    Nothing crazy but my wife is a huge fan

  • Willy Wolf

    One I made last year:

  • MattisGentle

    Nothing too fancy, I'll try to get more into it next year.

  • Sic Sweet

    I suck at carving.
  • Nuke_Mutant

    Colemadethis said:WHOOP WHOOOOOOP

    lol juggalos
  • Who is Ryan C.


  • mhooper

    Who is Ryan C. said:?

    I lol'd
  • Chreck

    mhooper said:
    Who is Ryan C. said:?

    I lol'd

  • jqdunn

  • Sam Weinberg

    Sailor pumpkin

    Pulpit rock
  • Craig Robson

    these are all pretty rad, i love pumpkin carving, i did a bunch this year but they have rotted already and smell like booze.

  • C A T S N E E Z E

  • Yellowdog

    Nothing on par with some of the quality seen here.

    But a little logo.
  • mandywallace

    it is my logo's retarded cousin vinny
    run 3
  • ImogenBrierly

    I have done these dumb things as well with the knife on the pumpkin. They tend to look good in pictures but usually are not good in real because the start to decompose when it is cut down to make shapes on them. I love to get assignment help from https://assignment-helpers.co.uk source and feel free. They are usually high in business in the Halloween week as it looks very scary with the red color and glowing eyes when we fit a light bulb in them. Well, my friend make them very good and we usually ask him to make us one as well.
  • longjumper

    These pumpkins are so scary, don't they look cuter?
  • RoBerti

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  • richarddhruska

    Pumpkins look very interesting, different from each other.
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  • lerodmanj

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