Im in the process of learning to print and I currently use color spotting but for most of the designs that i see in this website, since emptees (RIP), lots of designs here are quite puzzling me if color spotting would be a good way to print them. For instance, LaFlamme's design, for color spotting, would mess it up. For Greg Abbot's designs, I think it would be the best way to print them. So can you guys post your designs and tell me how you print them?
  • Andrew Haines

    I'm not sure how many colors Felix used, but he did a lot of fine halftoning, making it seem like he used more colors than he really did.
  • leland189

    This is called a combination of both things but as you see that there is no combination at all. Talk to the so you can learn how to design something perfect with art as well.

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