What sites do you use all the time for design work? Some rad ones I’ve found are

Dafont.com-by far the best font site I’ve found

Vecteezy.com-Good for free stock vector stuff

Vectormagic.com-sick bmp to vector conversion. way better then livetrace and fully online

Kuler- Sick color scheme applet

Brands of the world-Good for any logos

What the font-font identifier

ffffound.com-sick for inspiration

Rsizr- crazy image manipulation applet

Istockphoto- good stock site. Watermarks easy to buff out for you cheap bastards

g2p.org- uses google to hack behind password protected areas to get music, software, etc

Gimmie some something good
  • yuppu

    Thanks for these links! Really helpful :)
  • robfehr

    That's really helpful.
  • Mickey

  • Mickey

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  • Hashtagme

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  • WebbyGiants

    I would like to recommend these sites for design inspiration:

    - Dribbble
    - Behance
    - Awwwards

    You can also take more consultation directly from our website design services located in Hayward.
  • BeckySpencer

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  • Johndecock

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  • Juvanta

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  • corbingravely

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