Class of 1983 - It's a homage to every class ever, and the groups within schools. Here are a few of them from left to right. Kids are gonna be kids :P

The Bully - Pizza Face - The Emo
Four Eyes - The Princess - Class Clown
The Jock - Teacher's Pet - The Dunce

Thanx to phil for all the great suggestions, and my daughter for being such a great model :)

  • alexmdc

  • cherrypistols

    amazing well done!!
    i love how its on paper. :D
  • gaunty

  • jeremiah was a

    freaking brilliant! looks so good
  • alexmdc

    thanx guys!!!!! ok time for some sleep
  • Greg Abbott

    NWAY said: :) love your stuff so much!
  • heat.

  • Ciro

    amazing !!!
  • xul1349

  • mrgauky

    Real nice...
    I'm liking Pizza face the most.
  • Craig Robson

    i think i was four eyes! very well executed.
  • FuzzyInk

    Just try and do something that's not amazingly well done for once.
  • chad manzo

  • sockmonkee

    amazing work!
  • Namsing

    Great idea!
  • Benjamin Lande

    Awesome! PizzaFace deserves his own shirt!
  • alexmdc

    hahahaha yeah I think pizza face is my face too
  • wotto

    pizza face is my fav
  • alexmdc

    looks like pizza face is the class favorite
  • swissarmyshark

    love panel compositions, especially when they're done well
  • Killer Napkins

    man i love your art... good job
  • uzi

    Too FUCKING cute.

    Oops.. sorry, i forgot about the kids.
  • alexmdc

    gotchic, emo, lonely kid, whatever lol the year is just there, like I mention its homage to every class ever :)
  • 1000eyesdesign

    gaunty said: Genius!
  • atomicchild

    so good man
  • challen14

    Amazing. sub it somewhere
  • cartooner

    this is ridiculously good... one of (if not) my favorite designs you have ever done
  • alexmdc

    challen14 said: Amazing. sub it somewhere

    Class of 1983 - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More
  • deadhippo

    Very nice.
  • Dxtr

  • FuzzyLogic

    Man, really love the Teachers Pet!
  • suburbanhijinx

    Great job dude! Good luck!
  • Chengui

    My recent favorite of yours.
  • alexmdc

    thanx guys :P
  • jumpy

    so much win
  • alexmdc

    buahahaha @ pissing mucus

    jesus christ its about time the vulva got taken down :D

    love this based off those principles. :D
  • alexmdc

    :) should be up for scoring in the next few minutes on threadless!

    Class of 1983 - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More
  • Randyotter

    now THIS is a TOTD
  • rasefour

    you're my idol....

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