limited edition tee, only 100 being printed. preorders available now, tees will be shipped october 25th.


  • MichaelLoSauro

  • dobi


  • Adam Vaudin

    actually, i like this one EVEN more then the other.
    its so dope.
  • Killer Napkins

    i like this one more too... but both are awesome
  • Shifted Image

    Small, Large, and extra large only?
  • Setup85

  • dobi

    Shifted Image said: Small, Large, and extra large only?

    i messed it up, fixed now!
  • ibzombieliquorice

    Now that is a cool looking design!

    coolio man!!!
  • ghostforhire

    I've been waiting for this one. SIKK!
  • DesignByRyan

    thought you were going to make a bunch of dicks come out of him instead of intestines. :P
    Good job man.
  • jumpy

    your best stuff ever
  • herky

    very cool!
  • Jamers

    so cool. congrats on totd.
  • horsebites

    octopus art said: cool, reminds me of combat wounded veteran cover steak mtn did

    I have that and it's one of my favorite records. (art wise) ha

    Great job Dobi! Love the shading on the boy.
  • Bear

    so pissed that the larges sold out before i got my order in. got my brain surgery today. amazing.

    ugh. never going to reprint this are you?
  • dobi

    nah, might make posters.
  • Bear

    posters would be pretty sweet.

    so is this limited edition thing something you might do again?
  • dobi

    who knows, i hate mailorder / going to the post office.
  • Bear

    i feel ya on the post office thing. although the hello my name is tag was pretty sweet

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