Design for chilhood competition for threadless

  • alexmdc

  • alexmdc

    We used to be friends  - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More
  • Greg Abbott

  • uzi

  • FuzzyInk

    I have to assume this is going to print.
  • kevbo

    So awesomeeeeeeeee!
  • alexmdc

    wow Im actually surprised I got this many votes fo far, on such a "cute" concept here on emptees ;)
  • DCAY

    your concepts are always puurrfect, dude
  • Dxtr

  • MetalHand

    Amazingly Happy Good
  • sockmonkee

    haha perfect
  • alexmdc

    thanx guys :)
  • FuzzyInk

    You shouldn't be surprised. It's one hell of a solid concept and executed perfectly.
  • Betraydan

  • Tang

  • alexmdc

    haha he volunteered himself to be a jump rope, I dont see where exactly you got the idea of someone being murdered here?
  • jeremiah was a

    loveeee this, awesome
  • alexmdc

    its a snake, he will live ;)
  • YAWN

    love it!!
  • BCHC

    This design would sell like hot cakes.

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