Tee designed for Integral Apparel's Malicious Intent line,

Also check out Integral on Emptees.com

  • aleph13

    Sweet! I'm sure Rashaun's stoked!
  • Tokyo-Go-Go

    aleph13 said: Sweet! I'm sure Rashaun's stoked!

    Yeah i think he is rather! Thanks for the comment!

    i love how clean yet messy it is!lol great job!
  • heat.

  • Griggitee

  • litoQ

    haha I love the "SUPER NINTEGRAL", nice touch.
  • Benjamin Lande

    Love the illustration!
  • Integral

    You killed it Tokyo! I can't wait to print this!
  • radioes

    G R E A T ! ! !
  • The Ghost Of A Stranger

    So fucking sick!

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