Big ole collage for the Urban Outfitters Comp @
I like the Salmon and minty turk colors, but most light shirts will look nice.

Vote Here if you dont mind:

  • DeKay.

    I saw this at popdeck
    so amazing
  • kennybanzai

    Heres a larger view
  • khay

    There's too much going on imo.
  • darianln

  • darianln

    khay said: There's too much going on imo.

    thats a good thing!
    always more for the eye to see.
  • Bear

  • itcamefromthesky

    khay said: There's too much going on imo.

    anthonyBEARryan said: vomit

    You guys are crazy! I'm fuckin floored by this.
  • Bear

    its not bad, its just too much for me.

    i have never really seen the appeal in this style. but to each his own
  • JBennettDesigns

    i hate all-over styles but this would be an awesome set of prints!
  • Universitee Apparel

    this is sick man
  • jpolo

    This design is ill I would love a design like this for my line!
  • MezXXX

    wowzers! the t's are dope! the decks are sexy.
  • heat.

    Nice collage!
  • mumolabs

    woo! cool!
  • kennybanzai

    Thanks everyone!
  • herman

    always so crazy yo
  • atomicchild

    you crazy a good way
  • Setup85

    I want this shirt!
  • jeremiah was a

    I want to wear this

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