When I was young I loved to ride my BMX bike. I had a Hutch Trickstar and I rode it every day. I could do wheelies forever. Seriously. For blocks. So I was drawing this guy doing a wheelie and had initially planned to put an Old Skool helmet on him and draw him with his tongue hanging out like a Big Daddy Roth drawing. When I actually named the scan I had done of the rough sketch I'd done I named it "The Wheelie King" and the notion to make the rider look like a playing card King fell into place.

Now available at The Cotton Factory!

  • derekdeal

    brand new!
  • Evanimal

    Nice dude. A very original take on a very used concept.
  • Acid

    Didnt I love this before?
  • george

    Acid said: Didnt I love this before?

    Yes you did, but it was on black before. I killed the other version.
  • george

    gildan 100% cotton
  • Cacio MZ

    This Artwork is on sale ?

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