This is a shirt I designed for the band Set Your Goals. I drew it as one piece except for some splatter here and there. I was happy the way it turned out on the shirts, usually it can bug me how some bands gets shirts printed cause they go the cheap route or they print it too small but these were right on. They also printed these on slate gray shirts.

  • wes_allen

    kind of reminds me of jim phillips’ stuff. love it!
  • Kyle Crawford

    i think the only that bugs me in your eye balls is that circle that goes from the middles to the outside. it just doesnt look right to me, not that im knocking your design, this is one of my fav shirts!

    so rad
  • horsebites

    wes_allen said: kind of reminds me of jim phillips’ stuff. love it!

    They actually requested me to do a “Jim Phillips” style shirt and I was so stoked cause he is a god and I felt totally comfortable doing something along those lines.
  • Scarecityclothing

    i like the tye dye shirts too
  • horsebites

    Robby said: i like the tye dye shirts too

    Yeah, the tye dye shirts were ridiculous! Its probably the loudest shirt I’ve ever seen.
  • horsebites

    jimmyheartcore said: You’re going to own this site.

    Not that there is any competition on this site but I think Finley holds the Emptees Cup. But thank you Jimmy, you making me blush son!
  • derekdeal

  • horsebites

    Andwhat! said: do you know if they printed these on American Apparel?

    Nope, the one I have (slate grey shirt) is printed on Alstyle Apparel and Active Wear.
  • jfinley

    hey congrats on the feature richard!
  • horsebites

    jfinley said: hey congrats on the feature richard!

    Thanx! You too, for your 259 features! HA!
  • tylerd1143

    thought id let you know i picked this up tonight at their show. i remembered i saw it on here a while back. love it!
  • chrisrushing


    This is incredible!
  • Rhys Jones

    i got this one on a blueish shirt, its my favourite shirt i have, thanks for the design
  • Survive

    i was so stoked when i got this in the mail. think i need to find where i can get a new one cause i've worn it to death.

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