This is Krang from TMNT .. trying to look suave and be kind to the ladies... he's lonely..

this design is forsale.. let me know if you are wanting it..

  • LiviuMatei

    i want to believe i inspired you with my turtle:). nevertheless, this is wickedly cool!
  • NVasion

    looks great, even better than the original krang.
  • DCAY

    Love the tie, good work!
  • gaunty

  • derekdeal

    "you know, all the ladies call me tripod"
  • kevbo

  • Benjamin Lande

    you sir are a pimp
  • Cyle Howe

    You are too good, and it makes me sad that I'm not you... or one of your drawings.
  • Visual Singularities

    it's so horribly, horribly beautiful.
  • jimiyo

    ha. awesome man!
  • corefolio

    derekdeal said: "you know, all the ladies call me tripod"


  • tylerd1143

    print it! print it! print it!
  • quakerninja

    I wantz it. But I'm poor.
  • mark bennett

    i have seen this before has a kid

    i want to say ninja turtles but im not sure

    i lovessss itttss
  • The Quickness

    Lol so weird.
  • Randomentity

    someone needs to print this, like, yesterday.
  • BCHC

    This design rules hard...
  • chrisrushing

    holy crap.
  • heat.

    Bang bang, it's Krang!
  • Killer Napkins

    heyy yeah thanks everyone!...

    krang is da best from the turtles... I hope someone will buy it so i can get a shirt.. hahah
  • jumpy

    pimpin aint eazy!
  • alexcampbellart

    Krang is the man.
  • MonkeyMouth

    Legit Heroes said: what do you have running thru ur head?
    this is bad ass

    This maybe?:D

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