Another for STW

Thank you very much for the immediate and positive feedback. All the comments, love and critiques are greatly appreciated...Seriously it means a lot.

  • Colemadethis

    yea dude. i would wear the shit out of this
  • BrandonHeart

  • collisiontheory

  • ithew

    you are too good at what you do
  • litoQ

  • Killer Napkins

    i love skulls.... ive collected so many...mainly dog and cat.. but i love it!

    great work!
  • corefolio

    dsprad said: This is an excellent example of a shirt with killer illustration with typography that doesn't ruin the rest of the design. Very solid design all around.

    P.S. this band has a ridiculous amount of shirt designs. Every time I turn around there's a new one

    yeah! love the colors :]
  • Betraydan

    bro this is mad...great work.
  • JBennettDesigns

    just died
  • bloodboy

    kicksss ass .. great work
  • Survival

  • DeadRight

    Really really awesome.
  • Kyle Crawford

    fuckkk my nutssss
  • ThinkBaker

    Oh my...
  • Setup85

    wow dude
  • derekdeal

    everything about this is incredible
  • godsloadedsociety

    Quotes said: Great art, dude!

    I'm convinced Salt The Wound is more of a clothing company than a band these days.

    They've just got their merchandising down to a "T," no pun intended.
  • horsebites

    this is retarded. SO GOOD.
  • kevbo

    all of the above :] (not much left to say haha, killer work!)
  • lazyeye

    thanks for crushing my dreams of making t-shirt designs :D hahah nice work bro! +1
  • Travis Cook

    love it
  • Benjamin Lande

    sooooo sick!
  • JoeBaronDesign

    this is hot....i'm not a fan of the type, but it works very well with the illustration. This composition is nice.
  • Matt8U

    Killer design!
  • i came from nothing

    KidneyLeans said: oh my god.
  • doublej

    that rules reminds of Maiden/Metallica shit, great job.
  • mark bennett

    holy shit man

    i really love every thing you do
  • jfinley

    This is pretty awesome dude
  • BrandonHeart

    angelgonza said: hello i just found this website and i love the shirts you make just wondering if i can buy them from here and if not is there anywhere i can buy the Ts??

    They are usually available through the bands myspace page or website. This one is in production and should be available soon at

    The others I have posted are either sold out or have yet to be produced.
  • BrandonHeart

    edgillustrator said: you bad ass ;]

    congrats on the TOTD

    Thanx dooood!!!!
  • heat.

  • DeadRight

    Congrats on totd. Love your work.
  • joeROOSTER

    man this is so sick!
  • chrisrushing

    ok yeaaaaaah incredible on all levels. Very very very well done.
  • Colemadethis

    i wish we could print this. so fucking amazing. im repeating myself.
  • Alex Mitchell

    another insane shirt for STW.
    These guys get all the good work!!
  • Travis Cook

    discordantart said: haha no offense meant by it man! it's just i feel like overusing splatter now is just a copout. it used to be cutting edge, but it's so exploited in this day and age that you can walk into ANY department store and find some polo shirt with a nautical star and splatter on it.

    very true. this is magically delicious.
  • oss caroch

    my influence
  • markusmanson

    madness, bro...
  • D zasta

    love the colors!

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