First you get the Money, Then you get the Power, Then they will Respect you!

Kelly Green Tee, with screenprint front and back. All Photoshop Designed. New to this site.

I was thinking of the rap song by The Lox when I designed this - Not Scarface.

Feedback welcomed. Thanks

  • Acid

    I thought you get the women after you get the power?
  • CoreyMV

    Not according to Lil Kim.
  • downrodeo

    Jorolo said: I thought it was Money, Respect, then Power?

    yeah... and welcome.
  • litoQ

    no, its money, power, respect.

    nice colors... and welcome to emptees
  • ThinkBaker

    skull with hair said: when do you get some brain in the front seat of the hummer?

    After you open up tha glove compartment, grab the swisher, kiss her, get ya lighter then spark it.....

    don't worry bout she be doin it but when u be drivin' she be slobbin' n bobbin' while she givin you noggin...


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