hey folks, today teefury sells a shirt from us. only today, only 9$. heather for the boys and creme for the girls. :)

»THE MISCHIEVOUS MR. FOX« at Teefury today!

  • D E M

    Love this - didn't realise it was done by you guys
  • YAWN

    :)) thanks everyone.
  • Dxtr

  • jeremiah was a

    dxtr said: LOVE

  • Betraydan

  • s.harrison

    I WANNA BUY THAT SHIRT!......sorry for the caps lol
  • YAWN

    thanks everybody. it was a very fun day for us yesterday :)
    s.harrison: oh no, you're one day too late. :(
  • YAWN

    hey, if you like mr. fox and missed it at teefury, you could still vote for him at designbyhumans: http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/61987 - thanks! :))

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