shirt for the spring line of EZ. Coming ‘08.

  • Kyle Crawford

    so much cooler than mayor McCheese
  • sockmonkee

    haha nice dood. reminds me of grimace
  • sockmonkee

    chreeesss made those mocks! (me, haha)

    just get a camera, good lighting, and shoot over it. crop, and BAM!

    you’ze got it.
  • Kyle Crawford

  • Sam Kaufman

    is that grimmus?
  • geoff

    I unloved this, just so I could re-love it again.
  • Kyle Crawford

    im gad at least my IDEAS get shirt of the day
  • chrisrushing


    and hey, it was a combined effort EZ!
  • chrisrushing

  • chrisrushing


    i work at tubatomic, its a free script we built here. Josh worked here before I did and left and then they hired me.

    We both use the same script.
  • litoQ

    Love it!
  • andrE w.

    i think this is my favorite shirt on emptees, i really cannot wait for it to be printed
  • MichaelLoSauro

    absolutely amazing man.

    when is this being printed?
    i want to buy one.
  • ThinkBaker

    I can't wait to have this friggin shirt.

    xl buddy.
  • bandwagonmerch

    Hey we printed these! LOVE IT
  • chrisrushing

    that makes me happy.
  • andrE w.

    cleared 100 loves! nice.
  • chrisrushing

    yeah nuts.
  • mynameismartijn

    just saw one of the guys of drop dead gorgeous (or scary kids scaring kids?) rock this one. looked amazing!
  • godsloadedsociety

    bought this one a few weeks ago through machete up here in canada. way cool print, this thing is a must.
  • jared

    best accidental promo shot, ever.

  • chrisrushing

    jared said: best accidental promo shot, ever.

    that's hilarious.
  • Backfire

    Where can this be bought?

    Or is it discontinued.

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