thanks to Rosie Jones (hot chick) for being such an awesome sport!

  • What The Eff

    i wanna do bad
  • Cant Draw Can Write

    thank god they didn't print this in anything larger than good old large. Those fat Americans don't to buy this shit. I can see xxl not selling well but those of us who are moderately fat still buy the shit out of shirts.
  • derekdeal

  • Wyndelle Remonde

  • bandwagonmerch

    had a great time printing these! All of the halftones turned out killer!
  • Joshohh

    shredthegnar said:
    doublej said:

    awesome magazine
  • DCBeatty

    derekdeal said:
    PitchGrim said: I bet you spent more time doing this one than others.

    i dont remember it being that bad, the process is a lot different from a ground up illustration but once i figured out what i wanted to do conceptually it was pretty much butter.

    here's the rough concepts

    can you show us the larger version of that center one?
  • 1000eyesdesign

    i know why this got t of the day ;)
  • ExaltedByMark.

    Teets of the day!!!!


    So dope!
  • Killer Napkins

    im in love.... with Rosie
  • Survival

    Congrats derek, this tee is awesome!
  • ChristianTW

    were there really only 50 of these made? Seems like there could be such a huge market for this.
  • ThinkBaker

    Note to self... post boobs.. instant hard .. er.. I mean TOTD. LOL

    congrats brudda.
  • altercrisis

    can this just be tee of the year so it can greet me everytime i come to emptees. please?
  • altercrisis

    Kevin Doom said:
    altercrisis said: can this just be tee of the year so it can greet me everytime i come to emptees. please?

    JUST about to post the same exact thing.

    great minds think alike
  • Jaypantastic

    How much research did your wife/gf let you get away with on this one?? :) Great job bud.
  • derekdeal

    wow, im really floored by all the positive feedback. Thanks so much everyone!
  • stalefishz

    I want her on my chest.
    I want the shirt too
  • BennyBugatti

    stalefish said: I want her on my chest.
    I want the shirt too

    I want her on my
    but i suppose this is the next best thing :P
  • stalefishz

    Pretty sure I just purchased this
    *throws away porn mags*
  • oscarface

    who says sex doesn't sale?
  • JakeJerome

    is this available for purchase?
  • helloluiis

    i need to buy! where is the link to this!?
  • MattDesign

    gaunty said:The only things I don´t like are the seawwed and starfish ;)

    Hahaha Agreed! ;)
  • Lubak Injin

    fuck.. nice
  • gotenx oldschool

    hardcore sexxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Cm28

  • freak monkey

    xjoshuabelangerx said:ahahahaha "bra gone awol"
  • decollata

  • fathermonstercustom

    thats cool,aweesome
  • bolekcienki

    yes ! :)
  • Mr.Dylan

    How cam I buy it?

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