shirt for last year’s Ephraim line.
this came out SOOO good. One of my fave shirts.

oh and you can buy this one.

  • Kyle Crawford

    i like the text.. and thats about it. TAKE THAT CRITICISM!
  • chrisrushing

    hahaha! YES. This is dated, printed over a year ago. I’m not a fan of the style anymore either… I said somewhere else I’m trying to cut out every bit of stock anything anymore.

    When I said it came out so good, I was meaning the print… its so well done and feels great.
  • jfinley

    t.k. said: i like the colors but im not a big fan of skull shirts.

    I’m afraid we’ll have to ask you to leave. Just kidding! :-)
  • chrisrushing

  • litoQ

    not a huge fan of skull art either but this is easily my favorite
  • Sol Amstutz

    this is awesome dude. good work.

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