This design was a concept my partner Cris had, (he usually thinks of the ideas, I do the crafty part, haha) And he really wanted this one done, so I decided to whip it up at like... 3 in the morning.

Hope you guys like it as much as we do!

  • collisiontheory

    awesome concept and execution!
  • kevbo

    nice job dude looks sweet!
  • Cyle Howe

    Kevvbo said: nice job dude looks sweet!

    collisiontheory said: awesome concept and execution!

    Thanks guys! That means a lot :]
  • Cyle Howe

    whalebone said: i like the zombification

    Thanks, our original idea was to just have it be hands, but I tried a few different colour schemes, and I felt like this suited it best.

    edgillustrator said: really reminded me of GM, great job!

    Thanks, he's a HUGE inspiration to me, I don't want my stuff to be exactly like his, but I'd like to be able to incorporate some of his style in with mine.

    damn. this is really good.
  • Cyle Howe

    Master_Control said: damn. this is really good.

    Thanks :]
  • skullface

    the pink with that green, love it.
  • corefolio

    collisiontheory said: awesome concept and execution!

  • Cyle Howe

    lonelyroad said: some chick has something like this tattoo'd on her chest.

    I bet it looks pretty sweet!

    corefolio said:
    collisiontheory said: awesome concept and execution!


    DECOYTMX said: pretty damn cool

    skullface said: the pink with that green, love it.

    Thanks guys!!!
  • heat.

    A nice idea well drawn.
  • Cyle Howe

    hardesigner said: A nice idea well drawn.

    Thanks :]
    My partner thought up the idea, I just made it come to design :] Hah.
  • Cyle Howe

    3feetdeepdesigns said: i am in love with this shirt like, fantastic :D

    Thanks man :]
  • Cyle Howe

    AaronJames said: p.s aside from that lame joke its a sick design

    AaronJames said: should put it at the bottom of the shirt and call it the "heart-on" haha

    Haha!!! It took me a minute to get that joke! Haha thanks man :]
  • Cyle Howe

    Alex Norman said: this is exectued really well, and i love the colours! nice idea too :)

    Thanks man!
  • Cyle Howe

    njordan10 said: Is this for sale anywhere? I'd love to have a shirt like this.

    It's going on sale in mid october :]
  • Colemadethis

    this girl beat you to it

  • Cyle Howe

    rickyhorror said: How do I get one? I want one and I'm new to this site. x_x

    This shirt's no longer on sale :[
    The person who bought it sells shirts like auction style or something.
  • Cyle Howe

    rickyhorror said: So there's no way of getting one at all?? :[

    Not anymore :[
  • Unicorn

  • Cyle Howe

    kellyxjean said: Love it! Get it printed and I'll buy it for sure :)

    Thanks, it was printed over a year ago, and isn't for sale anymore. Sorry
  • Cyle Howe

    sloppyjoeska said: i joined this site just to tell you i've frequented back on "i love you to death" just to see if its been re-printed.

    its an amazing design, you should seriously look into it.

    Thanks man, I really appreciate that :]
    But I don't believe it will be ever printed again unless he decides to re-print it, because I gave him rights to the design

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