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  • Tang

    Journey to the City of No Horizon
  • Tang

    Thank you sam!
  • dustinnance

  • bleet

    havnt you posted this before...sure i have seen this here...loved it again...

    didnt read the top
  • Betraydan

    the revamp rules - awesome!
  • uzi

    Clever. Voted!
  • AngrySpade

    I saw this on DBH, great work!
  • 1000eyesdesign

    dylanmaker. said: looks awesome.
    even better than the first.
  • Random

    You know I like!
  • jumpy

    really love this
  • ThirstyFly

    Why did this not print originally on Threadless? What is the problem, it's brilliant!
  • alexmdc

    looks a ton better!
  • Tang

    Thanks so much guys!!
    Appreciate all your votes and comments.:)
  • silverqe

    This is soooo amazing, dunno why Threadless didn't print the first one you did, this one is even more awesome though!
  • Adhesive Hippo

    I was pissed that it wasn't already printed, but this version looks even better than the first. This has a really good chance of winning. It better get printed somewhere.
  • Tang

    Thanks for support guys! I hope it gets printed someday too:)
  • Tang

    Yay Top 20!!!
    I'll be very grateful if you can vote for this again!
  • Tang

    Top 10!! Thank you all!
    It'll be awesome if you can vote for it again!
  • Tang

    Yay Top 4!
    One last time to vote.
  • Tang

    Vote before Aug 23!
  • Tang

    Voting is still open, your last chance to vote!
  • Tang

    Shirt printed!
  • Tang

    Shirt Of The Month!

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