• isengartjah

    firs love !!!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks isengartjah!
  • gaunty

    You gotta do more detailed stuff like this. Bands will eat this up!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks gaunty!
  • Gianni

    very nice, sir.
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks GianniR!
  • Hitchman

    This is great Greg!
  • jeremiah was a

    really awesome man!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Hitchman!
    Thanks jeremiah was a!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks BlueBeanie!
  • Deformed Giraffe

    No i am Greg Abbott and i rule the world!
  • Craig Robson

    brilliant! logged in to love.
  • Greg Abbott

    Haha! Thanks Deformed Giraffe!
    Thanks Kim!
    Thanks Craig Robson!!
    Thanks Grozyll!
    Thanks Fat Mouse!!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Mike!
  • Wyndelle Remonde

    ill wear this!
  • DeadRight

    I want to wear this. So somebody better buy and print it!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks very much Ahxism!
    Thanks wyndeLLe!
    Thanks DeadRight!
  • Survival

    Awesome greg!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Survival!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Johnny Deep!
  • JBennettDesigns

    My entire favorite of yours!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks JBennettDesigns!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks adiosta!
  • DeadRight

    Saucy said: You say thanks to everyone... Even when it isn't a compliment... LOL..

    Greg Abbott said: Thanks adiosta!

    Haha not everyone.
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks DeadRight!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks tina!
  • uzi

    I wonder what that green little monster could be doing behind those mountains. Hmm..

    me likey..
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks uzi!
    Thanks KENSUKE!!
    Thanks Monsterface.
    Thanks jdoom!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks ickythebatman!
  • heat.

  • Betraydan

  • labyrinth

    this is amazing greg!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Tilteed!
    Thanks Heat!
    Thanks pakpandir!
    Thanks Betraydan!
    Thanks xspinsterx!
    Thanks labyrinth!
    Thanks tianlubis!
  • dstreetz

    too cool.! one of my favs...
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks very much We Are The Rain!
    Thanks brainsodomy!
  • ThirstyFly

    One of your nicest designs. Love the colors as usual!
  • RyanPimental.

  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Leila!
    Thanks rcaldwell!
    Thanks RyanPimental.!
  • everybodylovesirine


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