As a tribute to the sacred place that fondly-remembered Saturday morning staples like LAND OF THE LOST hold in our hearts (no matter how badly Hollywood botches them up), I concocted this mash-up of iconic Catholic imagery and beloved Sid and Marty Krofft creations (featuring Cha-Ka and Enik the Sleestak). Is it blasphemy? Good gravy, no! I loved LAND OF THE LOST as a kid, and anxiously awaited my Saturday morning ritual of waking at the crack of dawn to pour a big bowl of sugary cereal and gorge on the pop-culture buffet my TV would spread before me until about noon.

Celebrate your childhood mem'ries or just exercise your right to embrace cheesey nostalgia with the latest shirt from Pop-Monkey! Men's shirts in red and Ladies' shirts in turquoise.

Created with pen & ink and Photoshop.

  • popmonkey

  • popmonkey

  • mark bennett

    you won the key to my heart
  • s.harrison

    They both look so good, dont know whats better hahah
  • Tom Philibeck

    AWESOME!! I think I like the blue one a bit better.
  • ithew

  • Lion Caster

    You are amazing. the different color-ups give the design a different vibe. cooler being serene and the warmer being disturbed.

    I hope this gets T.O.T.D.
  • Greg Abbott

  • N.Guenzler

    i saw something similar with princess leia as the virgin mary holding r2d2, that was pretty sweet too.
  • downrodeo

    fuck me, i'll definitely be getting this! Congrats bro, mine is on today actually. :)
  • downrodeo

    and i think you mean 7/2/2009???
  • litoQ

    crazy good!
  • disembodied head

    I just had a liquid explosion in my pants. This is freaking awesome!
  • 1000eyesdesign

    saw this on your blog
    brilliant brother :)
  • jimiyo

  • Benjamin Lande

    This is really creepy/awesome!
  • alexmdc

    hahaha kick ass work man!
  • Travis Cook

    uber cool
  • popmonkey

    Thanks so much for the kind comments, all, and thanks to Downrodeo for pointing out my flub on the sale date. It goes on sale tomorrow (that's JULY 2nd), not June 2nd.
  • xjoshuabelangerx

    everything you do is solid gold

    xjoshuabelangerx said: everything you do is solid gold

    Couldnt agree more!
  • popmonkey

    Folks, I'm flattered -- really. There's some damn fine shirt designers on here (who are an inspiration to me) tossing compliments my way, and I really appreciate it. Thanks so much for your support!
  • KENSUKE do you do this.....TOTD
  • Dxtr

  • Geoff May

    This is great. Nice work!

    dude, amazing!
  • popmonkey

    soelarnaz said: Never mind -- I see you have just badly ripped this image.

    You play the petulant child well. That will get you far in life, I'm sure. That's what you call a parody, not a "badly ripped image" as you specialize in. Funny thing is, you pulled this image from MY blog. I honestly attached this image to the post to show everybody one of the basis of inspiration for the piece. It's not traced, it's not ripped, it's a springboard parody image. You have so much to learn in this business -- it's not about getting back at those who point out your mistakes and thievery, it's about learning from those mistakes, not repeating said mistakes and moving forward. Hope you learn this before it's too late.
  • popmonkey

    Oh, and I don't claim to be the expert or authority on schooling "noobs" or whatever, Soelarnaz, but you kind of forced my hand with your bratty sore-loser act. At least you removed your shirt design where you blatantly traced the cover of an ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN comic book. Cover your tracks, then lash out at those who catch you in the act. Classic.

    By the way, your "killer clown" shirt design is an obvious rip/trace job too. I've seen it before, I just can't think of where. Someone will find you out eventually.

    And good job for perpetuating and substantiating the distrust towards and poor reputation of artists from your part of the world. I'm sure the honest artists in your country appreciate it.

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