• jfinley

  • Chaddoesdesign

    turn them to halftones

    and this is fly man
  • Reilly

    Not a fan of avant garde in general, but that background texture is hot.
  • alrightok

  • Reilly

  • derekdeal

    89px said: Can anyone tell me how to make those kinds of gradients? I mean usual gradient shouldn’t really work if you’re gonna print them on a tee?

    Nice design btw!

    i dont think those is gradients, dis spray paint scanned

    “Armor for sleep” is a band – it’s spelt like that
  • joeROOSTER

    nice colors!
  • chrisrushing

    kid, what is your deal?

  • chrisrushing

    that was already answered a few posts up. no biggie though
  • sockmonkee

    colour for sleep…HA!!!
  • Joshua Stomberg

    typo = typography on this site ….
  • noFunk

    did this ever actually go on sale? because i want it pretty bad!

    Clean. This looks very nice.

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