• litoQ

    effin' love it!
  • heat.

    godmachine said: art

    Amazing Jimiyo.
  • Poltart

    Wow, absolutely astonishing choice of colors!
  • Tom Philibeck

  • Beadler

    so nice
  • lumad

    wow! nice art!
  • everybodylovesirine

  • gefiction

    Poltart said: Wow, absolutely astonishing choice of colors!
  • oss caroch

    so amazing !!
  • Griggitee

    Killer. Absolutely one of my favorite new pieces of yours.
  • robbielee

    wowee. great noise and colors, great layout.
  • jimiyo

    doh! I had forgotten I posted this.

    Thanks for the love peeps! Im still an artist thank goodness! The job has not killed all my motivation.
  • Betraydan

    very cool
  • Setup85

    This is a beauty.
  • LiviuMatei

    i want to get this:) you know it rulz!
  • rasefour

    love it...

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