A design I made for the DBH contest for that band...i submitted it, and so far its gotten zero votes lol...no love.

i didnt think it was that bad really, but i guess im clueless.

i dunno, what do you think? any comments/suggestions/critiques appreciated. i thought i was finished with it but im open to helpful feedback.

oh btw its just black, cyan, and silver metallic foil (on the shades)

  • illdthedj

    btw second post on emptees omgz no waiz ;p
    comments would be awesome...

    even "this sucks"...but at least leave a reason and a possible way to make it unsuck lol
  • illdthedj

    oh and if u feel like being nice and voting for this on DBH it would appreciated ;p
  • Alex Mitchell

    the fact that forever the sickest kids is a band full of scenesters might be why no ones loving it. the splatters could use more work.. maybe find some good splatter brushes on deviantart or something of the sort
  • illdthedj

    well, i didnt actually title it "Scenester" on DBH lol...ill check out deviantart. thanx

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