I have a few different color options for this one, but i was hoping to have the tears printed in UV ink. Just having some FUN with dinosaurs, you smell me?

up for voting at threadless.com

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  • Chaddoesdesign

    i dig man. great work
  • jublin

    thanks guys! here's a bigger version. i should have posted this before.
  • ThinkBaker

    At first I was like 'ah shit... another damn octopus design.."

    But once I clicked on it I was very pleased with what I see.. looks great man!

    such great style! you're a fucking genius. the title. the artwork. daaaaaaaaang.
  • Tang

  • vad_ns

    voted, +5! nice job
  • chrisrushing

    wow so much fun.
  • BCHC

    I really like the way the necks twist and turn, half way between square and round, and it works perfectly.
  • G-rant

    i would so vote for you if i didnt hate threadless so much and not have an account haha
  • Setup85

    chrisrushing said: wow so much fun.

    it is
  • jublin

    sweet thanks a lot guys! it got a nice score on threadless too so thanks to those who voted.

    the texture was just a matter of layering brushes and distressing marmalade.

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