Intended for Alesana but it got rejected :(

Design is for sale.

  • Geoff May

    Here's a closer look
  • Kyle Crawford

    id ditch the top wings and the kid at the bottom... the text reminds me of the one SWH did
  • Geoff May

    I didn't see SWH's until after the fact. Actually it looks like he took the old Anthrax logo as his inspiration.
  • Sushilove

    looks good
  • i came from nothing

  • Geoff May

    skull with hair said:
    kyleisez said: the text reminds me of the one SWH did

    hah yeah i just saw this and was thinking the same thing. but if you say you didn't see it i believe you.

    Were you trying to make yours look like the Anthrax logo? If so, well done. That was a great idea.
  • Setup85

    I dig this, the blue green color is great.
  • Geoff May

    skull with hair said: yeah! i actually just took it and tweaked the letters around, their name was perfect for that treatment.

    I agree. It's a cool shirt. When I did my type treatment I was thinking along the lines of the old Metallica logo.

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