• 1000eyesdesign

    sooo good!
  • atomicchild

    so cool
  • What The Eff

    haha thats fucking cool
  • Omnitarian

    Wow! Clever and the illustration is sweet.
  • uzi

    Just when zombies were starting to die... you brought them back from the grave again!

  • rasefour

    ahahaha.... love it so much....
  • Tom Philibeck

    this is crazy-cool!!
  • Dxtr

  • volatile v

    i think it oughta be one big eyeball instead of the dog/hippo/tuskface/thing on the very front, but that's just me. sweet illustration!
  • a_mar_illo

    TJC said: MAN HOW MUCH?!?! ---> thejettisoncommitment@hotmail.com


    Sorry. man, it´s printed already (at Allmightys)...

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