Blink-182 tribute tee for Paint the Stars. Had fun on this one! Not for sale just yet.

  • Colemadethis

    god thats awesome.
  • DeadRight

    so so awesome.
  • Kyle Crawford

  • Bob Kawa

    so good.
  • dobi

    janine would be proud
  • awakencompany

    soooo sick dude!!! this is some of your best work!
  • Birdie31

  • Sam Kaufman

    haha nice work. porn really makes u age...
  • Gianni

  • NVasion

    Awesome concept
  • 1000eyesdesign

  • kevbo

    godmachine said: HB and Finley posting in the same week? its like being home for xmas, all nostalgic, like the ol' days. This is brilliant Jeff.

    Killer work as usual Jeff!
  • Sol Amstutz

  • Benjamin Lande

    Absolutely amazing man!
  • Setup85

    Nice Jeff!
  • LiviuMatei

    Colemadethis said: god thats awesome.
  • Bear

    i missed you.
  • dobi

    she is in jail now btw!

    oh my! i love it!
  • Jamers

    so good.
  • xjoshuabelangerx

    great piece, nice homage!
  • What The Eff

    i want to own this so freakin bad
  • jfinley

    hey thanks everyone!!

    This was an easy one, cause it was just based off the album. Just had to zombify her!
  • Betraydan

    Jamers said: so good.
  • davidcelis

    wow dude :D
    awesome love that record... :D
  • Survival

    one of my favourite albums. great work!
  • Joshohh

    Survival said: one of my favourite albums. great work!
  • RustyEight

    I love this, but I cringe evertime I look at it... just something about peeling your own skin off gives me the heebie jeebies.
  • MonsieurEureka

    Awesome Jeff!
  • heat.

    Great tribute!
  • litoQ

    Holy jeebus! Excellent work as usual, Jeff!
  • a_mar_illo

    One of the most attractive Zombie designs ever:)
  • jfinley

    Anyone else stoked for what the newly reunited Blink-182 does? I can't wait to hear a new record.
  • lazyeye

    pulled off this concept nicely! :D +1
  • rich-priority

    this is bloody awesome!

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