mock up of some hand drawings.

  • challen14

    comments please
  • Bob Kawa

    delete the other one and post it on here as an alternative
    people get mad when multiple variations of the same design are posted

    that being said theryre both good
    but i prefer the other one
  • challen14

  • challen14

    heres version 2
  • illdthedj

    i really like the first version with the water color background...its a cool design.

    ill be nit picky with my critique, only because i like where its going ;p

    it looks like you drew two eyes, the big main one, and then copy pasted the other one 3 times....i would suggest redrawing the other two so that all the eyes are slightly different.

    i would like to see the eye colors brighter so they pop more....maybe all of them just a brighter red instead of different colors.

    i also think there should be a bit more watercolor background....not so much bigger, but more behind the eyes. just another layer of it. perhaps in a muted red?

    other than that, i think its cool and original! good job
  • challen14

    thanks for the input

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