Designed for Akademiks: Blast 30X1

I designed the full color graphics and gave ideas on placement. They placed/designed the logo under the hand and for the back shoulder and changed the name. I like the fact it can be a slim fit shirt. Maybe current direction in street gear?...

Check this and others out at Dr.Jays and Akademiks Mens. I did the colorful graphics. Lots more to come.

  • i came from nothing

    nice and busy lol - looks good like 3 tees worth

    is that a cat on the guys head...
  • kennybanzai

    yeah thats 2 cats hangin out
  • collisiontheory

    Awesome dude! how do you get to work with these guys?!
  • atomicchild

    awesome man love it
  • Sushilove

    looks pretty cool
  • litoQ


    nah, streetwear is going into a more mature simplified area. but regardless, this is a great graphic
  • MaggieH

    The best part of Iron Chef is when the chairman bites the bell pepper.

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