REJECTED! Just got the email today... bummer yo. Try, try, Again.

You guys think DBH will take it?

Instead of kiss,

pirate eye patch
kabuki paint like e honda
lincoln turned zombie
ninja mask

all translucent like?

Submission page -

Here's my first design to in about three years.

It's still pending approval, so IF it get's approved, Ill send out a newsletter, and I'll give out a free shirt!

Free shirt? WhatchutalkinaboutWillis?

Sign up for my newsletter by sending an email to, and you may win a free shirt. Giving out a shirt (s) everytime I spam! Sign up the inner circle!

I'm waging war on the status quo, and going balls out in an endeavor to become a professional contest winner this year. So I'm rallying troops to back me up.

Anyways. I'd appreciate any crits on what's effective for threadless. Colors, ideas, etc.

  • Kolby

    Haha. Ace man.
  • MaggieH

    Is that Reagan???? I love your work, I own three of your shirts and hope to get more, but I won't wear Reagan, sorry.
  • Kolby

    Regan would not have worn you either.

    Lincoln would.....
  • LiviuMatei

    ok, waiting the newsletter. i am on threadless, no problem
    give me my teeshirt. (i would get one of yours.)now:)
  • jimiyo

    joe: thanks brother! i'll have to learn more about what threadless likes, or learn them what they should like... hehehe..
    kolby: wooord
    MaggieH: thanks! ive never been into politics much, the only prez ive ever disliked is bush. reagan always seemed like a good ole chap. i mean him and nancy seem like the old nice people at church that just always smiled and asked about what you were doing.
    kolby: wooordx2
    Endor: Lincoln likes 69.
    ez-kun: im trying to figure out the newsletter thing. juggling doing art with BS like html newsletter. im thinking ill probably send the first one out after a couple contest entries get approved. most efficient, and wont break my pocket when i give out shrits.

    Damned! I knew it.....
  • chrisrushing

    yeah i agree with oliver. otherwise its pretty funny.
  • edword

    I guess threadless don't want to deal with kiss, them guys r copyright bulldogs!
  • jimiyo

    Oliver: word. i didnt like it when i did em like that either, i just figured kooky, break the rules, overlapping type thing seems to be popular.
    ChrisRushing: thanks doog!
    edword: yeah, they are pretty huge so im sure anyone/everyone goes after them.

    Experimental Resistance said: LOOK GREAT!
    how did you draw those faces?
    very curious... they look amazing

    E.Resistance: thanks man. yeah, i referenced $10 and $1, and photos off the internet, but they were all pencil drawn then drawn on a tablet. no trace. cause more i draw, the better i get... hopefully.
  • derekdeal

    the way reagan looks like john travolta is like sooo weeird
  • Birdie31

    that threadless model looks like a bitch...
  • quakerninja

    Yes yes I am. Lovez
  • labyrinth

    i was looking on today and i think this got ripped in a real shitty way.. .

    its a little different, but definitely "inspired" by you id think.

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