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  • Ribbonsandmustache

    Hi There !!

    We really liked your design and would like to have your services in designing T-shirts .

    We are a startup and planning to launch our t-shirt brand next month .

    Our Brand name is Ribbons & Mustache .

    As this would be our first T-shirt collection we would require 4 to 5 Prints for our initial launching ; [Also design should be exclusive for us only & should not be copied or replicated from other brands or designers !! ]

    we would like you to suggest us a theme for our first launch so that Tshirt design should be built around that theme only .

    Share us your comments and how much you charge for each design :: Make sure prices would be reasonable beacuse we are just a startup .

    Thanks & Regards
    Rahul Chaudhary
    Ribbons and Mustache
    +91- 7977582373, 9654367679(watsapp)

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