Not 100% sure about this one..

Just thought I`d see if anyone here had any suggestions.

  • Jason Carne

    the linework is fantastic, just add on to it man (and by by that I mean background/maybe more or a body as well possibly?) I'm sure it will turn out amazing.
  • LittleDuck

    Thanks for the input here, I really appreciate it.
  • LittleDuck

    byskell said: looks sweet, I don't think it needs the splatter. Also If you leave it out you can increase the size of the print a little

    Cheers, I was trying for "kirby dot" type energy... might look at that too.
  • againstbound

    I think it looks quite good, and chest placements are nice, not everything has to be huge.

    My suggestion is to break the symmetry in several places, should make it more visually interesting. Thing is, since it looks like some mechanical, cold helm-thing I think it's logical that it would be symmetrical, so you've got a conundrum in your hands. Maybe varying the bubbles(?) could help.

    Also, are you planning on coloring this? Not that you need to, just curious.
  • jumpy

    it's still a nice chest print, which alot of people don't mind on shirts. I wouldn't really suggest any background elements. Theres enough going on.

    as an owner of one of your tees, it gets the most comments out of all my tees, it stands out as a tee because of its simple colour and sweet lines.. keep it up bro

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