• oblivion^

    great detail!
  • TopJimmy

    Love this! Exciting!!!
  • Namsing

    oblivion^ said:great detail!

    TopJimmy said:Love this! Exciting!!!

  • Christian Wallin

    Love it! Great work
  • ThirstyFly

    Excellent, looks like real metal!
  • iwismdesign

    super love
  • Rhyme

    real deal
  • Namsing

    Christian Wallin said:Love it! Great work

    ThirstyFly said:Excellent, looks like real metal!

    iwismdesign said:super love

    Rhyme said:real deal

    Thanks :]
  • ygst

  • 24hours Artwork

    love the texture :> awesome bro
  • exsan

    Wow..!!...great work
  • Namsing

    ygst said:spechless!

    24hours Artwork said:love the texture :> awesome bro

    exsan said:Wow..!!...great work

    Glad you love it all!
  • Pachec039

    Jaw-Dropping details, dude. Woah.
  • BodilPunk

    your textures, is totally rad!
  • Namsing

    Pachec039 said:Jaw-Dropping details, dude. Woah.

    BodilPunk said:your textures, is totally rad!

  • jun087

    Great work !

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