sold to ZEBRAHEAD.

  • thefERs

    logged in to say damn!
  • chriskillerartworx

    thanks for logging in, jörg :)
  • jumpy

    Yup this is on fire!!
  • fuggart

    yes. love it. absolutely perfect for them

    Very nice work!
  • chriskillerartworx

    thank you very much dudes jumpy, dooom & fuggart. thought that would fit them well.
  • xDerickJamesx

    I love this colors!
  • TenTimesKarma

  • JeffByNight

    this is awesome
  • HarryDiaz

    Love it!
  • Barbar Monkey

    nice one
  • Donghan

    whats wrong with them?
  • chriskillerartworx

    hah, wow thanksalot mates xderickjamesx, tentimeskarma, jeffbynight, harrydiaz, barbar monkey, donghan.
  • Bryan Filarsky

    Damn, I know they are tough - but this one is a no brainer! Great work!
  • BodilPunk

    so nice!! love the colors man
  • bob_mosquito

    thefERs said:logged in to say damn!

  • papercrane

    BodilPunk said:so nice!! love the colors man

    TenTimesKarma said:Radness!

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