Hi guys! Here is another 5 Colour 'Dark Nature' Image I turned into a T-shirt design. Text is for placement.

Contact me if you are interested!



  • Christopher Lovell


    christopher lovell horned goddess dark nature photo Horned_Godess_christopher_lovell_dark_nature_zps4f8e29c2.jpg
  • Nicolas Dubuisson Artwork

    Awesome work ! I like how the logo fits the artwork.
  • Tombstone


    Awsome Work,,,,,,,,,what is format this Design..?
  • TopJimmy

    Stunningly beautiful Mr.! Creepy bra she's got on there! ;)~
  • Donghan

    awesome logo band + your awesome work
  • TIRI

    awesome work..
  • Jayvee

    awesome artwork but most people don't read your description, or maybe you edited it later.
    I think it's a fact that tees for well known bands always get the credits, not saying that your design is bad, its totally ass-kicking^^ I'm just sad that people don't vote if it's not their favourite band or a reaaaaaaly special design
  • jobfunArt

    awesome, thats cool
  • Holle44

    woooooooooow great work!

    and great Band :D
  • oblivion^

    very nice
  • chad manzo

    CRAZY work as per usual.
  • uglybetsy


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