sold to paper root

  • Glenn

    Good stuff!
  • fuggart

    that's sick. they're crazy man
  • cmeyers

    Glenn said:Good stuff!


    fuggart said:that's sick. they're crazy man

    thanks man. that's what happens when bands give no direction i guess.
  • Cutty.

    Ah the ol' face-replace. Awesome stuff!
  • cmeyers

    Cutty. said:Ah the ol' face-replace. Awesome stuff!

    thanks. as a tattooer i'm sure you've seen plenty face replacements. i have one on my bicep.
  • theoddlook

    Is this piece for sale? If so, can you email me at ? I'm interested!
  • rasefour

    nice artwork and awesome band.
  • ShineOn

    Awesome design. I personally wish it was less photorealistic and a little more graphical but still so good.
  • ThirstyFly

  • Fletch4477

    This is awesome
  • Republic

    Very interested in purchasing this piece and several others of yours.

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