Artwork for sale.
4 colors.

Let me know if you interested with it and thanks for watching.


  • deekin

  • inkcorf

    Thanks man :)
  • jumpy

    sweet man, howd you get the stipple effect its cool
  • inkcorf

    Thanks jumpy :)
  • zamboaga

  • Namsing

    Love the Glass!
  • armndrsyhr

    Really good work!
  • inkcorf

    Thanks a lot zamboga, namsing & armndrsyhr!
  • Lahhh

    awesome, love your work
  • inkcorf

    Thanks Lahhh!
  • JoeBaronDesign

    This is really good. The stippling looks good.
  • inkcorf

    Thank you Joe!
  • blinandeaf

    Namsing said:Love the Glass!

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