Since I haven't posted on here in forever, I thought I'd upload one of my most recent designs that I can actually share. I did this design for the Pittsburgh Penguins and it was sold in their team store around Halloween time. It was so successful that they also had me do Thanksgiving and Christmas t-shirts for them too.

  • jumpy

    this is funny, well done - post the others :)
  • Tom Philibeck

    jumpy said:this is funny, well done - post the others :)

    The others aren't nearly as cool, honestly. I had done a Thanksgiving one where the penguin was all decked out in a pilgrim outfit, but they rejected it and asked for it with just the pilgrim hat. And for the Christmas one I just did the penguin in a santa outfit. Maybe I'll post them as they are released. I don't think the Thanksgiving one is even out yet.

  • bo-ken

    As a Penguins fan I love this!
  • mattgondek

    How'd you get in talks w/ the pens Tom?

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