I know that I cheated by combining the world’s most popular food with the world’s most well known album cover, but my new “Dark Slice of the Moon” tshirt cracks me up. This shirt is perfect for anyone, whether they are a foodie, a music snob or just a fashionista.

Five colors (water based ink) printed on black American Apparel 50/50 shirts.

Available in unisex sizes small - 2XL.

  • campkatie

    I LOVE this
  • thefERs

    clever :)
  • grochtech

    campkatie said:I LOVE this
  • Doomsday: Atomic Apparel

    That's pretty great, I might need to get myself a tee.
  • DoeEyed

    Thanks! Just another entry in the long line of "design shit that I want and hope other people like it too."

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