My submission for Diablo III challenge is up for vote on DBH, please check the link and it would be much appreciated if you could show your support by giving it a vote or even a comment.

Thanks all

  • markusmanson

    Here's the process gif:
  • Donghan

    damn man, this is great! i love the fire btw
  • Alteration

    Fuckin Awesome!
  • LaFlamme

    With this, you bring back the real meaning of the Word "EPIC"!
  • 13UG-13th

    The fire look Amazing :)
  • TwinSerpents

    Fiery! Really cool man.
  • OpeyBobo

  • markusmanson

    Thanks guys! Glad you guys dig it.
  • cityhall

    Gave you a vote man. Nice!
  • Namsing

    13UG-13th said:The fire look Amazing :)
  • pzychopART

  • klasikohero

  • Di

    klasikohero said:awesome
  • TIRI


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