A client originally asked me to make this design but stopped answering my emails. I liked the sketch I did so I decided to finish it up. I usually always work in Illustrator but this was the second design I attempted in Manga Studio. I think I like it a lot better but I still have a long ways to go before I know what I'm doing.

This design is for sale. It would go perfect on the back of a shirt.
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  • cityhall

    Smother the Earth
  • Cryface666

    what screen cap software are you using?
  • cityhall

    Cryface666 said:what screen cap software are you using?

    Its called Screenflow. It normally costs $99 but I think I found a coupon for 20 bucks off not too long ago. Its kind of expensive but watch some of their feature videos. You can do crazy stuff with it. I highly recommend it
  • lonelykidsclub

    I think this is really cool
  • cityhall

    lonelykidsclub said:I think this is really cool

    Thanks man!

    Yes! Dope.
  • TenTimesKarma

    DOOOM said:Yes! Dope.
  • jumpy

    toxic eyeball radness
  • Barbar Monkey

    DOOOM said:Yes! Dope.
  • cityhall

    Thanks a lot guys!
  • CoreyMV

    Love this. Colors are too rad!
  • iloveantix

    Those colors are the best!!
  • DanielAndHisArt

    i love your style so much man.
  • OpeyBobo

    super awesome

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