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  • cmeyers

    cool art, but that mockup is WAY too big.
  • Cameron Latham

    cmeyers said:cool art, but that mockup is WAY too big.

    Agreed. I think if the frame was as thin as the text and you spread the text to the width of the frame, this would be awesome.
  • monching

    thanks for the feedback guys. yeah just realized that the mock is really too big. ^^
  • Jason Carne

    I'd honestly just ditch the frame entirely. Otherwise, real nice.
  • wotto

    submit this to Design By Humans. It's a winning piece!
  • jumpy

    LOVE, but yeah ditch the border
  • monching

    thank you guys! must get rid of boarders on my next designs.
  • lonelykidsclub

    rad artwork dude
  • MonkeyMouth

    Agree with everyone. That border needs to go. Look at the mockup. You can't print anything that big. Or i mean... You can, but it will go on the sleeves as well, and that's just not good.
  • monching

    mockup fixed Sir. thanks for the critique.
  • vinbasshred

    I'm giving this like b/c I know you will do the right thing and take the boarder out.
  • campkatie

    beautiful style
  • monching

    thank you guys. i submitted it on DBH and removed the booarders and text. ^^
    and its up for voting
  • Inglorious Basterd

    Love the design and texture, great job dude
  • rogerbiora

    Really creative design .I really like your work .

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  • alvin

  • JeffByNight

    This is cool but yeah, needs to be about half the size
  • 13UG-13th

    campkatie said:beautiful style

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