This tee is available in select shops around the country. Ever wonder what the Screaming Hand would look like if you combined it with the Slimeball logo? Well, I was lucky enough to make it a reality. I'll post more new SC graphics over the next few days.

Thanks guys.

  • PitchGrim

    Poor quality shot of the actual tee.
  • 8-bit ZOMBIE

    Amazing dude!
  • PitchGrim

    Thanks Ross.
  • Paul Granese

    Love this. Awesome work!
  • Erchu

    This is so good dude!
  • deekin

    Your style goes so well with their established look, and Jim Phillips old work... Nice job dude, seriously.
  • atomicchild

    best thing ever...I THINK SO
  • gaunty

    i'll be getting this.
  • Setup85

    I loooove this
  • JPL

  • junostudio

    Yeah Buddy!
  • Miguel Abreu

    This rules, great color scheme.

    Miguel Abreu said:This rules, great color scheme.
  • iloveantix

    so rad!!
  • 13UG-13th

    Awesome really like it :)
  • cityhall

    cant get over how cool this is
  • Tom Philibeck

    So perfect.
  • Setsailstudios

    So sick man. Love the shading!
  • Killer Napkins

    Hell yeah man!
  • bleet

    print came out sick!
  • wotto

    love love love it

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